Entdeckung der Maipes: Wanderung durch die Badlands von Agaete

Discovery of the Maipes: Hike through the Badlands of Agaete

Welcome to a journey into the past that takes us to one of the most mysterious places in Gran Canaria - the Maipes of Agaete. The unique landscape of the "Badlands", characterized by rugged lava fields and the rough charm of untouched nature, hides stories that go back to Guanche times.

A window into the world of the Guanches

The Maipes, a word that means "Bad Lands" in the local language, offer us a rare insight into the burial rituals of the Canary Islands' indigenous people. Contrary to popular belief, the Guanche graves were not carved into the lava rock. Instead, they chose the flat areas of the lava fields for their final resting place.

After careful excavation, the deceased was placed in this natural pit. What followed was an act of honor and remembrance: the surviving relatives piled carefully selected stones over the grave until an impressive grave monument was created. These elaborate stone mounds are not only evidence of individual grief, but also an expression of the Guanches' deep connection to their island and nature.

Walk through time

Visiting the Maipes of Agaete is like taking a walk through time. The rough paths lead us through a landscape that seems unchanged for centuries. Every stone, every path tells a story of life, death and honor. It is this incomparable atmosphere that makes the Maipes a place that is not only historically significant but also emotionally moving.

Significance for the present

The Maipes of Agaete are more than just an archaeological site; they are a memorial to the cultures that inhabited the Canary Islands long before us. They remind us how important it is to protect and preserve our cultural heritage. At the same time, they invite us to reflect on our own connection to nature and our ideas about life and death.

A call to discover

For anyone passionate about history, culture and the beauty of nature, the Maipes of Agaete are a must. This place not only offers fascinating insights into the prehistoric world of Gran Canaria, but also the chance to find incomparable peace in the middle of the Badlands.

I invite you to experience the Maipes of Agaete for yourself. Discover the stories hidden beneath the stones and be enchanted by the majestic beauty of this place. It is a journey that not only expands knowledge of a long-gone culture, but also touches the heart.

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