Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands and belongs to Spain. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Africa, it is known for its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and beaches.

The capital of the island is Arrecife and it is also home to the international airport. Arrecife is a lively city with numerous museums, theaters and shopping streets. One of the city's attractions is the Castillo de San José, an 18th-century fortress that now serves as a museum.

Another well-known place on Lanzarote is the resort of Playa Blanca in the south of the island. It is known for its long sandy beaches and crystal clear water, which invites you to swim and do water sports. Also near Playa Blanca is the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, a national park known for its volcanic landscapes.

Lanzarote is also known for its wine growing. The island has a special climate and soil conditions that make it possible to grow grapes. There are numerous wine-growing regions on the island that are known for their high-quality wines.