Flaggenkunde für Strandurlauber: So meistert ihr die Farben am Strand von Gran Canaria

Flag lore for beach holidaymakers: How to master the colors on the beach in Gran Canaria

Hey beach lovers and water lovers!

Sun, sand and sea - Gran Canaria really has it all! But before you spread out your beach towels and inflate your armbands, it's important that you understand the colorful world of beach flags. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds. In this blog post I want to guide you through the different colors of the beach flags in a fun way and explain the important rules of the law "ordenanza municipal reguladora de Costas, Playas, Paseos Marítimos y Litoral".

  1. Green flag: everything is green! When you see this flag on the beach, it means you can grab your bathing suit and jump in the water without hesitation. Conditions are ideal for swimming, splashing around and cooling off.

  2. Yellow flag: Attention, attention is required here! The yellow flag indicates that the water is not quite as inviting as a green flag. There could be currents or higher waves lurking, so watch your skills and stay a safe distance from shore. In this case, it is advisable to comply with article 24 of the law and exercise caution.

  3. Red flag: Stop! Here it is really important to keep your feet still and not go into the water. The red flag signals extreme danger or a bathing ban, for example due to strong currents, high waves or poor water quality. In such situations, it is important to respect article 23 of the law and avoid the water.

And then there's the purple flag, which warns of dangerous sea creatures like jellyfish or sharks. If you see these, stay away from these gooey fellows and enjoy the beach on the safe side!

So, dear beach visitors, now you know! Keep an eye on the beach flags and follow the rules of the "ordenanza municipal reguladora de Costas, Playas, Paseos Marítimos y Litoral" law to ensure you have a relaxing and fun day on the beach in Gran Canaria. And remember: safety comes first, even on vacation!

Have fun and let the sun shine on you! 🌞

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