Tschüss Spanisch, Hallo Kanarisch! Worte, die dir die Ohren spitzen lassen

Bye Spanish, hello Canarian! Words that prick up your ears

Departing to the Canary Islands? Don't just pack your sunscreen, pack this language survival kit! They may speak Spanish in the Canary Islands, but they also have their own unique expressions. Let's explore some of them!

1. Guagua

No, that's not a baby sound, it's actually the word for "bus" in the Canary Islands. Who needs "autobús" when you can say "guagua"?

2. Chacho/Chacha

That's not the name of your new dog, it's the pet names for "muchacho" and "muchacha". People use them to show surprise or to address friends.

3. Fajana

This word denotes a flat area near the sea or a river. It has nothing to do with the banana, even if it sounds like it!

4. Millo

"Millo" isn't a typo, it's the word for corn in the Canary Islands. "Maiz"? Never heard!

5. Gofio

No, it's not a Pokemon. It's actually a traditional Canarian food made from toasted grains. Yummy!

6. Pella

What sounds like the name of a Swedish furniture brand actually means "a piece" of something, such as a "Pella de Gofio".

7. Mojo

We haven't lost a mojo here. It's actually a kind of sauce. And no, it's not magic, it just tastes like it!


A "timple" is a musical instrument, smaller than a guitar and with five strings. It's like a guitar, only cuter and more compact!

9. Guachinche

A "guachinche" is a type of restaurant in the Canary Islands where homemade food is served. It's like grandma's kitchen, only better!

10. Papas arrugadas

This dish sounds like a curse, but actually means "wrinkled potatoes". They're delicious and go great with mojo sauce!

11. Bajamar

"Bajamar" is the state of the sea when the water is very low. So it's the opposite of flood, in case anyone wanted to know.

12. Aguita

Last point, but by no means the least important! "Agüita" is a local expression that can be used for anything from an expression of surprise to a sign of sympathy. It's a bit like the Swiss army knife of Canarian expressions!

Keep in mind that some of these words may appear in other parts of the Spanish-speaking world, but they have a charm all of their own in the Canary Islands. So, pack your bags, your new dictionary and get ready for your Canarian adventure!

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