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3-week intensive course paragliding

3-week intensive course paragliding

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Imagine soaring into the air and gliding freely like a bird over the landscape. With our 3-week intensive paragliding course, this dream becomes a reality! The course takes place in the north of Gran Canaria, near the capital Las Palmas, and with a view of one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world.

In this intensive and comprehensive course you will learn everything you need to know to fly independently. Our team of experienced paragliding instructors is by your side and will accompany you on every step of your journey. Not only do they share their expertise and experience with you, but they also make sure you develop the necessary skills and confidence to fly safely and confidently.

We firmly believe that the best learning comes through hands-on experience. That's why you're alone in the air from the third day of your course! Under the safe guidance of our experts, you will learn how to control, navigate and land your paraglider safely. You will make rapid progress and soon enjoy the incomparable feeling of free flight.

As the course progresses you will also gain in-depth knowledge of the equipment, weather conditions, flight theory and safety protocols to ensure you are fully prepared for your independent flights. At the end of the three weeks you will be able to take off, fly and land on your own.

Whether you are an adventurer looking for a new challenge or someone who has always dreamed of the freedom of flight, our 3 week intensive paragliding course is the perfect way to make your dream come true. Sign up today and prepare to see the world from a whole new perspective!

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