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Belay master class

Belay master class

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For the climbers looking for perfection, we present our "Belay Masterclass"! This course is specially designed for experienced climbers who want to take their belay techniques to the next level.

In the "Belay Masterclass" we go beyond the basics and you will receive in-depth insights and advanced training units in various belay techniques and devices. We offer tailor-made guides and tips to help you become an expert in handling different belay devices and safely handle even complicated situations.

A special feature of this master class is the focus on the challenges that arise when the belayer is significantly lighter than the climber. With expert advice and exercises, we show you how to handle such situations and navigate safely.

The "Belay Masterclass" is ideal for couples who already have climbing experience and want to climb together at a higher level. Here you can jointly develop and strengthen the high level of trust and cooperation that climbing requires.

By completing the "Belay Masterclass" you will be able to belay effectively and safely in even the most demanding situations. Not only will you have more confidence and control on the climbing wall, you will also develop the ability to give security to others.

Climb to a new level of climbing safety with the "Belay Masterclass". Let's push the boundaries of what's possible together and get the most out of your climbing experience. Come and become a master of backup!

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